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Speyside 7 and Speyside 14 now available for shipping to the US

Storywood Tequila | Premium Barrel-Aged Tequila

"Aged for 14 months in single malt Scotch cask, Storywood Anejo Tequila is a silky smooth expression with smokey seasonal notes of oak, caramelised nut and rich toffee"
- Forbes
Best Tequilas to drink in 2023 - For whiskey drinkers 'For those partial to a single malt, the Storywood range is matured in ex-Scotch whisky barrels for 14 months — in this case one from the Speyside region. The oak influence is elegant, with just a light smokiness, bags of pepper and a honeyed sweetness from hints of pineapple and coconut.'
- Esquire
'In an era where tequila has become homogenised and faceless, Storywood recalls the time when Tequila had character, piquancy, and sass.'
- F. Paul Pacult (Founder the Spirit Journal)


Born from two countries, coming together as one, we are a product of worlds colliding, minds meeting, and passions igniting to create a new era of award-winning sipping tequilas.


Our Story

The story began with our master distiller Luis using his craft of creating the finest 100% agave liquid married with Michael’s experience and understanding of flavour through oak ageing. Together they have created some of the finest award-winning tequilas you will ever taste.

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