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Purpose meets innovation

We caught up with founder, Michael Ballantyne, who stressed the importance of innovation requiring purpose for a product to be truly authentic.

A lot of people tell me that Storywood is a product with great innovation. Whilst we would agree, and are very happy to hear that, the reality is that innovation is only as great as its purpose to exist. Brands need a reason to exist otherwise what are we? Simply a product with no story, no heart, and no soul.

So what’s Storywood’s purpose? Well, you could say it’s one of a challenge to change perception on the face of a drink with a tainted past, but in reality, we are here to bring Whisky drinkers into the amazing world of agave spirits.

I was born in Scotland with a passion for our own national spirit and fully understand the love, care, and time that goes into creating a whisky. It wasn’t until my mother took me to the town of Tequila not far away from her hometown of San Miguel De Allende that I discovered the true craft of creating 100% agave tequila. With the knowledge of sipping oak-aged spirits, it was in Tequila that Luis Trejo (Master Distiller for La Cofradia) and I discussed the two national drinks. In a moment of clarity we began the plan to create a range of tequilas tailored to the whisky drinker and help to educate those whisky drinkers of the incredible process that goes into making great tequila, and how many parallels there really were between the spirits.

Luis distilled the liquid, I sourced and blended the Single Malt and Sherry casks from the best cooperages and distilleries in Scotland and Spain, and then Storywood was born.

So, the next time you think of innovation ask yourself who, what, and why this product exists because that’s exactly what makes Storywood so special in every sip.


Storywood founder - Michael Ballantyne
Storywood’s founder, Michael Ballantyne